Bucks Parties

A buck's night only comes around once in a lifetime, so it had better be good. Luckily, here at epicholidays.com.au we have lots of great bucks party ideas to get you on the right track, with choices for the most timid groom to the wild man from the jungle. Bucks parties have come a long way from the traditional nights of getting trashed and tying the groom to a lamppost. Nowadays there are far more original and fun things available.

It also used to be traditional for the bucks night parties to be held the day before the wedding, but nowadays we've gotten wise to that. When you have the bucks night will also, in part, depend on what it is you intend to do for the bucks party. If you plan to do something like a paintball then it's a good idea to plan the bucks night well before the wedding so that the groom has time to recover from whatever he may have weathered.

Usually it is the best man who has to come up with ideas for the bucks night and with this job comes a few other responsibilities. He has to organise the night and come up with an idea that hopefully everyone at the party will enjoy. It's no good doing paintball if uncle Arthur in the wheelchair is coming too. So the organiser needs to know who and how many are going to the bucks party. Normally

the groom would not be expected to pay for anything on his bucks night, so maybe at the end of the night you could pass the hat around to cover the groom's share of the bucks activities or sort something out with everyone before the actual bucks night party.

The best man should also keep his wits about him on the night and look after the buck. There is always one wise guy who wants to shave the groom's head or tattoo some memento on him, and it's up to the best man to prevent this, or the wife-to-be will have the best man on her hit list for the rest of their married life. He'll go from best man to worst man in the space of one night.

Boat hire or harbour cruises are also a great idea as the variety of bucks party activities that can be enjoyed on board are almost endless. But do take into account the groom's wishes as it is his bucks night and he may not enjoy boating and would prefer a land-bound activity, such as go karting or lawn bowls. All these ideas are outdoor activities and it is advisable to hold outdoor bucks parties a week or two before the wedding just in case of unexpected sunburn, minor accidents or hangovers. It is no good dragging the groom to the altar while he's still half drunk and afterwards has no memory of the big day, or even worse, throws up on his bride's beautiful wedding gown! Let epicholidays.com.au help you with some great ideas and suggestions.